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Whose land? Arab’s (Ishmael) or Jew’s (Isaac)?

Answer: Neither. It is mine – Galatians 3:29. “And if you are Christ’s, then you are Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.” (NKJV) I am in Christ and I am Abraham’s heir.

We become “Christ’s” when we are born again. If you, like me, are born again, then you and all born again Christians can claim “Canaan” along with me (assuming the Old Testament covenant of Canaan to Abraham still applies. We who are in Christ know it does not. )

Since Calvary, Christians are the “chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s own people” (1 Peter 2:9).

All Christians, before 1948, understood the Kingdom of Heaven became “Israel” at Calvary. One wonders why “Jewish” Zionism, that denies this Christian principle, has been adopted by so many Christians since 1948. Historical evidence proves the Republic of Israel is not Old Testament Israel.

(See “God’s True Israel” in this library or the Internet at:
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Historical evidence also shows that Israel was out of the disputed land longer than in it! Judaism begins with Moses and the exodus (c. 1,250 B. C.) Jewish entry into the land was by Joshua (c. 1,200 B. C.) The Kingdom did not start until Saul (c. 1,025 B. C). The Roman Empire destroyed the Kingdom of Israel in A. D. 70. Israelites (the Hebrews) controlled the land only for c. 1,270 years counting from Joshua to Titus’ destruction of Jerusalem. (From A. D. 70-1948 is 1,878 years Jews were out.)

The “peopling” of Palestine goes back to the beginning of time with human fossil remains dated very early – back to c. 100,000 B. C. Jericho, the Canaanite city, existed as early as 8,000 B. C.

Considering Judaism and Jews were expelled from A. D 70 until A. D. 1948. The people called “Jews” were out of the land 600 years longer than in. Palestinians have lived there longer than “Jews” and were on the land Israelis took from them by force in 1948. (“Jews” were out for 1,878 years and in only for 1,270.)

Since history does not convince Zionists that the New Covenant did in fact replace the Old Covenant, lets review the Scripture to try to prove Jesus’ final sacrifice changed everything.

We dare not be saying Jesus did not do enough on Calvary so “Jews” are still O. K. even when denying Christ. Such an idea leaves us with two Covenants – two ways to God - and denies Jesus is the only way. Christians know the New replaces the Old.

Two covenants contradict Jesus himself. (“I am the way, and the truth, and the life: no one comes to the Father except by me” – John 14:6, RSV.)

Now lets read Genesis to see what it tells us. Look at God’s first promise to Abraham written in Genesis. The Abram/Abraham story starts at Genesis 12:26 which tells us Abram was a descendent of Shem, one of Noah’s sons. Shem’s story starts at Genesis 9:18 if you wish to be an Old Testament student.

However, the story of Abram/Abraham’s walk into the covenant of Faith is what sets up the bloody conflict that is playing out in Palestine today. The dynamics of the Islamic vs. the non-Islamic world conflict has made Palestine both the seedbed and the hothouse for worldwide hatred, strife and terrorism.

The Ishmael-Isaac conflict there has spilled over and become a worldwide conflict that could easily continue for the next one hundred years. Expect another 100 year war and be thankful if it doesn’t last that long. The USA is paying the price of this conflict.

But Abram is neither Jew (Isaac) nor Arab (Ishmael). He was a native of Ur, a Chaldean – modern day Iraq, known as Mesopotamia (Genesis 11:27-32).

Mesopotamia was the birthing room of humanity – the Garden of Eden – and civilization’s cradle. Some of the oldest remaining records come from there - to 5,000 B. C. These artifacts were in the Baghdad Museum that was looted by Iraqis.

Chaldea/Chaldean racial distinction is unknown. By being in Mesopotamia, later they were also called Babylonians. What they were not is clearer than what they were. Chaldeans were “Western Semites,” not Arabs, Assyrians, Hebrews, or Babylonians. They were a distinct Semitic race in a line from Adam and Eve via Noah. [Read the history of Mesopotamia in your favorite encyclopedia.]

Following God’s directions, Abram finally arrived in Canaan (Palestine). God’s first promise to Abraham was at Moreh/Moriah, in Canaan (Genesis 12:7). There God said, “To your descendents (seed) I will give this land” (NKJV).

Note descendents (seed) is plural and the key to this promise. This promise was not to a single descendent and his offspring. The promise was to ALL of Abraham’s “seed.”

After Abram’s sidetrack adventure in Egypt, he returned to Canaan. There God restated his earlier land promise in Genesis 13:14-17.

This time Abram was included in the promise along with his descendents. In Genesis 14:13, long after God’s two promises, Abram for the first time is called Hebrew.

God visits Abram again (Genesis chapter 15) and promises him descendents as numerous as the stars (additional evidence that “seed” is plural. God tells Abram the dimensions of the land promised to him and his yet to come descendents.

Genesis chapter 16 tells the Hagar Ishmael story. Often emphasized in Zionist folklore are verses 6-16, especially verse 12 about Ishmael being “a wild man.” Ishmael’s stature greatly improves in chapter 17.

In chapter 17, verse 1, God visits Abram again with a new list of promises. By verse 5, Abram’s name is changed to Abraham because he will be the “father of many nations.” NOTICE: “many nations,” and not just one.

And further, this is an “everlasting covenant” for God to be God to Abraham and all of his descendents.

Next in verses 8 and 9, the land gift to all of Abraham’s descendents is repeated. Verse 10 lists the sign of this Covenant, this gift, as CIRCUMCISION.

In verse 16 God makes the promise that Sarah shall have a son and thereby be the mother of nations (plural, not only one nation.)

Abraham quickly fell on his face (v.17) and laughed in doubt, but recovered to beg God to bless Ishmael (v.18).

The promise that causes the bloodshed comes in verse 19. Here God makes an exclusive promise to Isaac and Isaac’s descendants. But what is this exclusive promise to Isaac since it was not the land promise?

GOD HAD ALREADY PROMISED THE LAND TO ALL OF ABRAHAM’S DESCENDANTS and promised to be the God of all descendants. Ishmael is included in the promises given before verse 16, so this promise is something different than the land covenant.

This additional promise does not give Isaac exclusive title to the land described in chapter 13:14-17 as Zionists claim. The land gift there described belongs to all of Abraham’s descendents.

Ishmael’s inheritance is much improved in verse 20 while Isaac’s exclusive covenant is again confirmed in verse 21.

What is this special covenant since it is neither the land nor the god-descendant relationship? (Clue: see Galatians 3:6-9, but more on this later.)

Next we see that Abraham and Ishmael are circumcised (verses 25 and 26) when Ishmael was thirteen and Abraham was ninety-nine years old. This was a year before Isaac was born and circumcised.

It is clear Ishmael is included in the land covenant. It is also clear a violation of the special Isaac covenant can cause Isaac’s descendants to be expelled from the land. (Deuteronomy 28)

“Jewish” loss of the land is a major part of the “Curse of the Law,” Deuteronomy 28:15-68, especially verses 63-68. That happened when the Romans removed them from the Land in 70 A. D. and left them stateless.

The covenant to Isaac is an additional and exclusive covenant, a special covenant of FAITH. Paul clearly explained this in Galatians 3:6-9. Monotheism, with faith and special providence from God, is to be given to all nations through Isaac.

This covenant of Faith is best described in the New Testament’s Letter to the Hebrews. Chapters 1-10 of the letter describe why the Old Covenant to Isaac’s descendants has been changed to the New Covenant of Jesus. “For if the first Covenant (with Isaac via Moses) had been faultless, there would have been no occasion for a second,” 8:7 (RSV).

But there is a second, the New Covenant, and the Old one has become obsolete and is vanishing 8:13. Without the Old Covenant, and because of their rejection of Jesus’ New Covenant, the Jews no longer have any Covenant.

Hebrew’s chapter eleven details Isaac’s COVENANT OF FAITH that threads its way through all of Israel’s history. See these:

11:1-3, Faith described

11:4-7, the Faith of Abel, Enoch, and Noah.

11:8-12, the Faith of Abraham and Sarah.

11:17-20, the Faith of Abraham offering Isaac.

11:20, the Faith of Isaac blessing Jacob and Esau.

11:21, the Faith of Jacob’s blessings on Joseph’s sons.

11:22, the Faith of Joseph.

11: 23, the Faith that saved Moses.

11: 24, the Faith of Moses to avoid sin at great cost.

11: 27, the Faith of Moses returned to Egypt to free Jews.

11:28, the Faith of Moses did the first Passover.

11: 29, the Faith of Moses on leading the Exodus.

11:30, the Faith of Joshua in conquering Jericho.

11:31, the Faith of Rehab in protecting Joshua’s spies.

11:32, the Faith of Gideon, Barak, Samson, Jephthah, David, Samuel and the Prophets.

11:35, the Faith of unnamed Christians, especially of women who persevered.

The curse of the Law, (Galatians 3:10; Deuteronomy 28:15-68), is confirmed by actual history. Punishments listed have actually been visited on the “Jews.” They were removed from the land (Deuteronomy 28: 63 and scattered (v.64) and certainly verses 65-67 describe both their Roman enslavement and wanderings into their Holocaust ordeal.

In Nazi Germany, they again became slaves (v.68) with no nation willing to pay for their redemption. Their redemption from Nazi Germany was simply a result of the Allied victory. World War II was fought for the defense of the free world, not for redemption of “Jews”

No one would deny these persecuted people a place to live peacefully. Jesus promised them the whole world if they would accept his message (Matthew 5:3-11, esp. v.5). They rejected him.

All who enter the Kingdom of Heaven have a home in whatever nation they may reside. Those outside the Kingdom of Heaven will never have internal peace regardless of their nationality and homeland.

So the World is brought into the unnecessary blood feud between Isaac and Ishmael. That feud will continue until one or both accept Jesus’ New Covenant and become peacemakers Mt. 5:9.

Until then, the whole World suffers. Those who have missed the Faith message and continue to encourage the Zionists are pouring more fuel on this raging fire.

“The Last Word” on this subject comes from Jesus, Luke, Paul and Peter. All say the Old Covenant is closed on Calvary (Mt. 27:51-54), and Jesus’ new one replaces it. John Baptist’s prophecy of its end (Mt. 3:7-12) is fulfilled.

Jesus exclusive New Covenant is given and cannot be added on to the Old Covenant or put into it (Mt. 9:15-17). It is entirely new to replace the Old Covenant of the LAW given to Moses (Mark 14:22-25). John Baptist’s prophecy came true (Acts 2:1-4) when the disciples were baptized “with the Holy Spirit and fire.” Paul declared all who are baptized into Christ are Abraham’s offspring and heirs by Faith (Gal. 3:25-29).

Peter declares those who are born again are the HOLY NATION, the chosen people, the royal priesthood, God’s own people (1 Peter 2:9,10). No one comes to the Father except by way of Jesus, (John 14:6).

Since Calvary, Christians are the “chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s own people” (1 Peter 2:9).

Why do some Christians become Jewish apologists and Zionists to return to the Old Covenant and the Law (Torah) “as a dog returns to its vomit,” (2 Peter 2:22)?

It beats me! Maybe they never heard about the New Covenant and the price Jesus paid to bring it into the World. Maybe they never read about the curse of the Law and what happened to “Jews” who rejected Jesus (Deut. 28:15 ff.). Maybe we should take another look at the warning in 2 Timothy 4: 3,4. Did that time come again in 1948 and extend even until today? Or did it not first come in A. D. 33 with the “Jews” rejection of Jesus?

Finally, common sense and pure reason advise us why Moses’ direction to storm Canaan no longer applies.

  1. If part of the Old Covenant applies, all of it must apply! There are no Scriptural rules for dividing it into parts - to take part and leave another. Only “Jews” believe all the Old Covenant – the Torah – still applies. The only choice is - all or none.

  2. To endorse “Jew’s” storming Palestine as a command from God is to endorse the killing of non-“Jews” - adults, their children, their animals, and their culture.

  3. Such acts are crimes against humanity, and exactly what the Axis powers did before World War II.

Those crimes violate the laws of God as revealed by Jesus and International Law that expresses Jesus’ call for peace, goodwill, and brotherhood for all mankind.