9. Where

"Which art in heaven." In the New Testament, Jesus used both the Kingdom of Heaven and the Kingdom of God to mean the same thing. He said this Kingdom is here, now. What? What does that mean? How do you "go to heaven" if heaven is here, now?

He was talking about the spiritual nature of existence. You have an inner spirit (pneuma), given to you when you were created. Pneuma is your life and being, that spark that energizes you and makes you a person. Without pneuma, spirit, you would be a non-person corpse. That fact should confirm that life depends on spirit. Logic should remind us that because life depends on spirit, spirit comes first and then material follows.

Believe it or not, the spiritual realm of existence governs all material manifestations. Because the spiritual is invisible and the material is visible, our concepts get turned upside down. We believe what we do here, in the material, motivates and moves the spiritual realm. Simply, we believe our words, works, and thoughts control events. It never occurs to us that spirits control our thoughts that end in our words, and acts.

We should have a better grip on logic than this. We know God is Spirit. We know God is everywhere. We believe God knows everything. We think God is all powerful. Then we part our brains and live as deists. We act as if God cannot or will not work in our lives here on earth, at this material level.

In this portion of Jesus' prayer/creed, we try to bring our brains back to reality. God is in heaven. Heaven is spiritual. God is in control. When we are controlled by God's spirit, we are with him. Then we are in the Kingdom of God - the Kingdom of Heaven. His Spirit is loosed in us to pilot our lives. This is reality, life as it is.

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