6. Simplicity

How many religions, faiths, and denominations do you think there are in the world today? Can you guess? Maybe fifty-thousand? How many do you suppose there have been since the beginning of humanity? Twenty percent more? Guess a number.

Don't ask me. I don't know. I do know this. No matter how great the number of established religions, each is modified by personal beliefs. Simply, there are as many religions as there are people. Everyone has their particular ideas about religion and about God. So, how can you know which is right?

Jesus' religion was Judaism, minus its invented traditions. Judaism was his religion because he was a Jew in Israel. He was called to do a particular mission to the Jews, at a particular time. Note though, he debated with his religious teachers and leaders. He applied his right to think as he chose. It cost him his life, but to the end he stuck to his principle. Can you follow his example to think for yourself?

What did Jesus believe until death? He believed you could and should have a direct relationship with God. He wanted you to know how much God loves you. He thought you needed to know that God will always take care of you. He wanted you to know God personally, face-to-face. He wanted to remove the many religious ideas, rituals and formulas that do not do anything to increase God's love for you or his presence in your life.

His simple truth is that faith is a relationship, not a statement, or only an intellectual exercise. Jesus said our route to God is so simple even a little child could touch God now and for eternity. Jesus wanted to give you a simple statement of that faith that no one could change. He did it. He gave you "The Lord's Prayer" to be your creed in all times under all conditions. It belongs to you. Now, let's examine that treasure and see why it is almost universally revered.

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