53. Appendix A - Counselor

Moving from a lifetime of little or no faith into a face to face encounter with God can be intimidating. More than that, it can be an embarrassing experience. Many are reluctant to even start this adventure. God understands.

God has both a sense of humor and plenty of patience. He is also honest and keeps his promises. He maintains his true nature. God is omnipresent, is everywhere, and has always been with you. So, believe it or not, he knows your every thought and act. You really don't need to tell him much about yourself.

He will be happy to assist you to understand the pages of this book. Just ask him to give you understanding. Tell him you do not want to be misled and you want to know the truth and nothing but the truth.

If you lack practice in prayer, you might start with the famous doubter's prayer, "Oh God, if there is a God, help me if you can."

Many people have started here. They simply prayed seriously for the first time. Ask only for guidance and understanding. This will give God an opportunity to show himself to you and start you on a path of dynamic, powerful faith.

"Hello, God. Are you out there? Let me hear from you. I want to meet you face to face."

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