52. Trust

All American money reminds us, "In God We Trust." By now, you know that trusting God is much easier said than done, and much more than repeating a national slogan. You learned trusting God is not a matter of words. It is a matter of the heart. Trust in God grows out of life's experiences.

First you hear about faith, then you try it. Good results prove God is real. As you trust him more, your faith grows. Each time you see his blessings, you trust him more.

There are at least four degrees of trusting God. At the start of your spiritual walk, you neither know God nor trust him. Trust is only a question. Can you trust God? If so, when, why, and how? This is, "In God We Trust?"

Next is "In God We Trust;" followed with a semi-colon. At this stage you trust little, and add works to gain God's attention. God is offered trades, rituals, prayers, and repeated liturgies. It is as if to say, "God, see what I am doing for you? Don't I rate a favor?" This is not trusting God. It is trusting your "add-ons," hoping to gain God's favor with bribes.

Then there is "In God We Trust." A period ends the statement when you find yourself without a solution to an ominous situation. Sometimes life paints you into corners that leave no choices and have no options. There is no time to bribe and nothing to do but grit your teeth and say, "God help me, I have no place to go." This is called "fox hole religion." When your ordeal is over, you act as if it were a one-time event. It is easy to forget free trust worked. You quickly return to "add ons." The semi-colon comes back to replace the period.

After a few of these fox hole experiences, you learn God is real. You say by faith, "In God We Trust! Yahoo! Isn't God wonderful? He looks after me all the time." He does the work, and you are the beneficiary. Your wait and your long walk were worth it. You trust God completely. He is your Father, your Abba, your daddy. God's endless grace abounds. In God we trust!

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