51. Image

The well known story of Adam's creation declares that man was made in the image of God. We know now mankind is anything but in the image of God. We discussed man's inhumanity to man on page eight. Jesus' work both on earth and in Heaven, is to show us what is the image of God and to make the way for miraculously restoring us to it.

When you received the rebirth and were baptized with the Holy Spirit, you were restored to the image of God. Your nature became the same as Jesus. We say Jesus is "fully human and fully divine." You are also. You are a human who is also the temple of the Holy Spirit. You have received the same God Spirit that Jesus received, (1 Cor. 3:16,17;6:19).

You have a different life to live and job to do than Jesus, but you are in the same image and have his same spiritual powers (resources). If you and he were not alike, he would not be a realistic example. We are different from Jesus only in duties and personal histories. He was sinless from birth. You and I were sinners from birth. He knew God's will from birth, but we are just beginning to understand and seek his will.

Jesus put so much emphasis on being in God's will, and doing God's will, we expect him to show us a simple formula to help us do it. We want a clear step -by-step program so we can be sure we are always in God's will. Jesus showed us a simple way but endless added rituals and liturgies have muddled it.

Jesus taught right mental attitude is required to get into God's will. You learned that attitude at the first beatitude. You must want to be in his will. God blesses your desire. The "system" is to sincerely give God your life and will to do with you as he pleases. There is a first time for this, and also daily repetition. This is known as taking up your cross daily to follow Jesus. Surrender of self to God is an attitude of trust and humility. Simply ask and expect God to direct, correct, and protect you.

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