5. Attention

God does know you are busy. God can wait until you are ready to have a face-to-face relationship. But can you wait? Do you know what you are missing? While you wait, you miss the blessings God planned for you from your beginning.

You are not an accident of nature. God was not surprised when you were born. You were planned from the first day of creation. God knew when you would be here, where you would be, and what you would need to fulfill your particular life plan. He would like to start working with you on your plan, but he cannot without your approval and cooperation.

To get your cooperation, first he must get your attention. There are two ways to gain your notice. One is the hard way, the other is the easy way. The hard way is waiting until life has become unbearable before asking for his help. The easy way is to seek God's companionship because that is the wisest choice.

That wise choice is wise because simple logic tells us God is smarter than we are. Assuming God is real and loves us more than we love ourselves, cooperation is the only sensible choice. Given God's brains and his love, he will always do a better job of managing your life than you can do on your own.

Yet the prime problem remains. Unless God comes to meet you personally, God talk is only theological speculation. Who can understand an invisible principle? Where is the proof? We need proof that the invisible God is both real and theistic.

Fortunately, God knows the problem and has a quick and simple solution. He will bring the proof to you. You do not have to learn and keep six hundred and thirteen laws. You do not have to have a clean record. A theological education is unnecessary. You do not need any religious or magical words or rituals. You do not need a saint to intervene for you. All you have to do is ask God to take over your life.

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