48. Variety

There is a famous old expression that "variety is the spice of life." Imagine what life would be like if there were no variety. Everyone would look the same. There would be only one color, a single smell, and only one musical note. All would cook the same recipes, paint the same pictures, and write the same books. How could we ever tell each other apart? It wouldn't matter what house we went to at night or what job we did each day. We couldn't know and sort out our own children and all would have the same type of pet.

God put variety in creation to spare us that impossible mess. No two things will ever be alike. Even clones will not be alike because their histories are different. Their different environments keep them from thinking alike. They cannot act the same, even if physically identical. God's law of variety keeps life exciting and that law is irrevocable.

Why bother to discuss anything that is so obvious? We must, because there is a personality characteristic in people that always objects to the law of variety. Everyone has that particular trait. We want our opinions to be the commonly agreed standards. We believe everyone should agree with us. We dispute with any who disagree. Our disagreements cause hot arguments and broken relationships. How strange! We adore variety yet we deplore differences. Our variety causes strife. Those two are together forever.

Many well intentioned people believe conformity of religious ideas and practices is God's absolute will. Some will try to proselytizete you into a particular denominational system, and insist it is God's one true church. You might say, "If your church is superior, your members should be better than other people and more pleasing to God. Are they? How so?"

Jesus taught us to judge a tree by its fruit. Good trees have good fruit. Good theology produces good religion that produces the fruit of the Spirit. Check for fruit. See the list at page thirty-six. Review page forty-one on Works and especially remember its' paragraph three.

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