46. Wounds

You know yourself fairly well, almost as completely as God knows you. It is difficult to keep secrets from him, so you might as well get that old stuff out in the open. That old stuff is your entire past. It includes all the mistakes you made, as well as all the bad things others did to you.

Every mistake you regret was done from ignorance. If you could have, you would have done better. How often have you said, "I am doing the best I can." That is a true statement. You do your best, but often your best is not good enough.

If you want that consideration, you must give it to others. Everyone is doing the best they can at the time they carry out their act. The problem is our best act is too often not good enough. Bad consequences can occur from wrong acts. Wrong acts come from bad emotions and incomplete information. We get wronged as we wrong others, because all are imperfect.

Having good intent to do your best does not free you from consequences. What you have wrongly done can make you feel guilty and ashamed. What has been done wrongly to you also leaves you with emotional wounds. There can be very strong emotional reactions to life's events. All emotions affect choices long after an event's immediate significance.

The simplest way to say this is all that has happened to you affects your emotions and will govern your actions. If you have unhappy feelings and behave in irrational ways, it is because of your past experiences. Those bad feelings, the bad spirits, the demons, live in unhealed emotional wounds. Until God heals that wound, it will continue to produce bad spirits.

Emotional wounds are similar to physical wounds. Untreated they become infected and stay infected. Emotional pain and damaged behavior results. Have the demons you sent away sneaked back in? If so, it is because the emotional wound where they live is not healed. It is time to have permanent healing of bad memories and their damage repaired.

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