45. Lord

Casting out demons, as well as all other positive spiritual duties, is done with power delegated from Jesus. Binding and casting out demons is always done "in Jesus name." The name of Jesus is not a magic word. His name is a literary code that represents his person, just as your name defines and describes your personality.

Praying in Jesus name is asking God to act because "Jesus" in Hebrew means "God saves," or "God save us." Praying the name "Jesus" is also a statement of faith. Jesus' name declares he is God - "Lord" - God's face in an earthly presence.

When Jesus left this life, he promised to send you the Holy Spirit and power. You receive that "baptism with fire" by asking for it. The power you received, delegated from Jesus, is to be used to continue his work on earth. You must use the power you have received, especially for binding and casting out bad spirits - demons. Mark 16:14-17 lists some of your duties and the authority Jesus gave you. You studied Paul's list of powers on the page named "Gifts."

To cast out spirits, repentance and confession are needed. The word repentance simply means you want to be rid of bad feelings and acts. Some people want to hold on to bad feelings. So, they might confess they have anger, but want to harbor it. You can keep a bad feeling if you want to stay unhappy. Anytime you want to be rid of it, repent, or regret you have the unhappy feeling. Once you repent and confess a bad spirit, casting it out is easy. It has to go when you tell it to go.

Simply say, "Spirit of (name), I bind you in Jesus' name. I cast you out in Jesus' name. By His authority, you must go. Go now, quickly and quietly." Your attitude will change immediately.

If the spirit rebels or becomes hostile, just be firm. Occasionally, demons try to test your faith. You have full authority and it must go. It has no options. Continue commanding it to leave in Jesus' name and it will. No loud talk is needed, only your firmness and resolve.

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