44. Satan

God's protection and providence should be enough for anyone, but there is even more. Another part of being in the Kingdom of Heaven is the action part. God lets you do his work on Earth, using Jesus' delegated power and authority.

A special way we share Jesus' power is by casting out demons in his name, by his authority. In early Christianity, even children cast out demons. You can also, and should. To run this experiment, you need to know what a bad spirit is, what they do, and where they reside. Look at your own experience.

Satan's program is to make you miserable. He wants to disrupt your personal relationships and keep you from enjoying the fruit of the Spirit. He sends bad spirits to harass and vex you with unhappy moods and dangerous mental attitudes. That causes you to think and act (sin) in ways that keep you from enjoying the fruit of the Spirit.

His immediate goal is to cause conflicts and to ravage your self-image. He attacks your sense of accomplishment and the value of it. His ultimate goal is to make you so unhappy you wish you were dead. He wants you to consider suicide.

Fortunately, bad spirits must disclose who they are. They always tell you their names. When you confess any negative feeling, it is a spirit giving its name. So, if you say, "I am depressed," the spirit of Depression is naming itself.

This rule applies to all your unholy feelings. When you say you have envy, lust, anger, resentment, fear, despair, pride, depression, greed, rage, sloth, lying, strife, licentious, doubt, anxiety, or any other negative, a spirit is saying its own name. Knowing its name is the start for casting it out.

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