43. Life

It is certain that you and I exist. I know I do, and you know you do. Why there is life, instead of no life, we do not know. Although we do not have an answer to that great mystery, we know there are two dimensions to life, material and spiritual. We live in the material but we are affected by the spiritual. Your meeting with God proved that.

Somewhere along mankind's way into this century, people have downgraded or denied the spiritual facet of life. Most are rationalists who believe only what can be physically proved. Ancient traditions about spiritual powers and presences in this world are ridiculed and forgotten.

Ideas of an ever present theistic God have been mocked. Our concern about God's reality has melted under the pressure of jokes and derision. Called everything from superstition to lunacy, interest in living with daily trust and faith in God has almost disappeared. Public faith is embarrassing.

Cynicism about God has caused a denial of any evil spiritual dimension of life. Acknowledgment of the devil (Satan) and evil spirits (demons) is gone from sophisticated conversation. Ideas about Satan being the author of evil and sin are considered to be the exclusive property of the ignorant. Spiritual understandings of evil and the spiritual realm have almost ended.

In recent years, a little news about Satanism and Satanic Cults has emerged. Lacking background information, few are willing and able to investigate Satanism. Too many still remember the tragically foolish Salem witch hunts.

A quick walk through the New Testament shows Jesus' contest with Satan and demons is a strong and continuing theme in it. Paul specifically taught our battle is with the spirit world (Ephesians 6:12). We need to understand this warfare and how we can win it. This is the action side of our life in faith.

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