41. Works

The good news about a life of faith in God's kingdom is that he is in control. Along with his authority over you, he continues to have responsibility for you. It is as if he says to you, "The buck stops here." God is working for your well being.

When you took Jesus' teachings seriously, and accepted them for your way of life, you won God's protection. From then on you became God's responsibility. He is your protector. You know this from the "Lord's Prayer." God is your Abba, Daddy. You do not need to do more religious works to prod him.

Rituals, liturgies, prayer formulas, piety, or special knowledge are not needed. He is working in your life because he loves you, and not because of what you do. All your Father wants from you is acknowledgment that he is the source of your good fortune. He appreciates your gratitude.

Living in God's Kingdom of Heaven is that simple. All you say is, "God is God, and I am his child, and he is taking care of me. I will do my best and he will make all things work out for good." For some people, that is too simple.

Faith is accepting life as it is, without complaint. It is knowing God will work out all things for your benefit, sooner or later. Lack of faith is losing trust in God's willingness to protect you and pour his love and providence into your life. God never forgets a name. He will never leave you or forsake you. Your name is engraved in his mind.

When things are not going according to your plans, you can become frustrated. Things are not supposed to work out according to your plans. Don't forget, you turned yourself over to him some time ago. Final planning is in his hands, not yours. No amount of religious works can change that.

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