40. Order

God is a master planner and the architect of order. Examine this statement for yourself. Have you ever seen the sun rise in the west and set in the east? Do you know of any event where down was up and up was down? Is not water always wet and dust always dry? Summers are warm and winters are cool.

Predictable order is the foundation for our survival. You were born as a child, not as an adult, and developed at a predictable rate. When you began your education, you were ignorant. You finished educated. Part of your education was learning how to read a book. You were taught all books start at their first page and end at their last word. To properly read a book, you read it in that order from front to back.

This is because the writer, or author, is presenting a theme you will miss if you do not follow his order. The New Testament is a book, supplied to you in order. It exists by divine inspiration, directed by the Holy Spirit. Simply said, God put his hand on the New Testament and its order. Read it in his order to learn his rules and purpose for you.

Because faith is for everyone, regardless of age, education, intelligence or culture, God must be easily understood. That is true for God's book. It is easy to understand when its order is followed. The Holy Spirit gives you the understanding.

Pick a translation that suits you. Start at Matthew 1:1 and slowly work toward its end at Revelation 22:21. You will not understand it all. Pass over ancient, mysterious customs that frame its stories. Think about meanings of the events. Meanings will emerge for you. You will understand all you need as you go along, and more as you continue to meditate. Bible reading is not to turn you into a Bible expert. That takes a lifetime of study. Reading it lets God speak to you through it. Bible reading helps him develop you into the person he planned you to be from time's beginning. As you read and meditate, God changes your thoughts and behavior.

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