20. Forever

Someone once said that the two longest words in the English language are never and forever. In the King James (Authorized) Version of the Bible, the word forever is divided. There it is rendered for ever. In our time, the two words have become one, but the meaning has not changed.

For ever means what it says. Forever. Perpetual. Time without an end. It is everlasting time with an open end. Endless time is a difficult concept because we have devised ways to measure time's passing. Thus, we have a calendar to measure days, weeks, months, and years. We use clocks to measure minutes and hours of each day. We have divided our calendar into two parts, one before the Christian Era and the other after the Christian Era to better understand large time blocks.

God himself divided time into periods to help people with their work. Days and nights teach us there is a time to work and a time to rest. He gave four seasons, alternating between one for work and another for rest.

Because of our habit of defining time in discernible units, we have no way of understanding eternity - the forever. It doesn't concern us because we don't understand it and cannot do anything about it. Eternity is there. We are in it. We cannot get out. Time is forever and so are we. We are as eternal as creation. It never ends and neither do we.

Have you considered what you are going to be doing forever? Do you know where you will be, and with whom? We know that eternity is out of our control. The next life will be a new experience, probably unlike this one. And, it will be under the power of God, and in his presence.

What will it be like to face God each day while remembering how we acted while on earth? In heaven, God will be taken seriously. There we must do his will without debate or choice. Here we can choose to do his will or ignore it. There, we will have to explain our earthly choices. That is an interesting concept, isn't it.

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