18. Rescuer

The second part of this couplet is, "But deliver us from evil." The word translated deliver also can mean to rescue, or to protect. In this prayer line we see two things. First, there are bad things outside of our control that can happen to us. Next, Jesus says that God has the power to protect us from those maladies and bad treatment. Do you agree?

Everyone has uninvited events, both good and bad, which come into his life. Unscientific explanations of the causes are called superstitions. From earliest humans, desire to control events has led people to create ideas about luck and fate. Hoping to control events, people everywhere, and in every time, have invented various human rituals to control life. Those rituals include both words and works. We call such rituals "magic."

In the simple words of his prayer creed, Jesus has gone far beyond primitive superstitions and magic. He has turned out attention to a God who affects events when we ask. Jesus describes a benevolent Father who doesn't need any motivation to get him moving. He loves us simply because he created us. He protects and provides for his children. He does not need any bribery by primitive magic or religious rituals.

Jesus says we only need to ask. As God to deliver us from the mischief, malice, and viciousness that comes to us from the world. We should trust this live, powerful, loving God to deliver us from sin, sinners, and oppression of all sorts.

Jesus was a realist. He knew oppression - both spiritual and material - would come. He never said that it would be fun. He just said, trust God to handle it. He has the power and purpose to prevail for you. And if he seems a bit slow in showing up, trust him anyhow. He promised your Father's support while you wait. Who else can you call on for help?

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