17. Guidance

The best deal I can imagine is to be guided by a wise and loving God. Such guidance could eliminate many bad mistakes.

Asking God to lead us in anything is to ask him for guidance in everything, because life is an uncompartmentalized unit. All things that happen to us tie together. If we want something to occur in our life, that event has before and after consequences with each affecting the other. Once again, "you can't have one without the other."

So to ask God to lead us in one thing, is to ask him to lead us in all things. Many people do not realize this unity of events when they pray for a favor. So we may ask something from God and complain when he fails to give it, not realizing he could be protecting us from some unwanted consequence.

When we realize life's unity, we understand that if God grants us a specific wish, specific consequences will automatically follow. Those consequences may not be imagined or desired when we first give God the prayer petition. If we always knew the ultimate results, we might never ask the favor.

Now we understand what Jesus meant when he taught us to pray, "lead us not into temptation." With these five words, we pray, "Keep me out of bad deals. Do not let me be tempted to want, or do, anything that is not good for me. Do not let me sin against you."

In this prayer phrase, we move from acknowledging that God has a will for us to asking him to exert his will by leading us. We do that knowing that when we ask him to lead us in one thing, we are asking him to lead us in all things.

Here is our commitment to what we earlier affirmed in, "they will be done on earth as in heaven." "Lead us" is our new and personal statement of trust in God. We have moved from spoken words to belief and can truly say, "In God we trust."

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