13. Here

"On Earth as in Heaven." Here? Most of us have been told that God wants us to be good - good beyond our ability. We are supposed to do good works and always behave, so we can go to heaven when we die. So we have been told.

But the truth is we are not really concerned with that right now. We have more to do daily than we can handle. Sure, it is nice to be moral and try to think of God's rules, but presently that is not our main interest, and is far too hard. "As long as we are not breaking the law, please don't rock our boat." God's main will, we say, is for us not to harm others.

God's will for us is something much greater than not harming others. His will for us is to experience all his joy, love, and plenty here on earth, on earth as in heaven. It is to know him and enjoy his power and presence in our life here, long before our later after-life. But to get serious about doing his will now, we need to know that he is fully in control.

The major stress in life is solving the daily problems that go with meeting our bodily needs. Most of our time and thought is directed toward our employment. We must know we can pay our bills. Worrying about food, clothing, shelter, and danger detracts from any serious theological speculation. We need assurances about our "daily bread" before we can pay more attention to God.

Jesus, of course, already knew that. So, he assured us, in his prayer, that our daily needs were also subject to God's power and part of his grace package. God's help in those efforts is necessary before we can really get serious about religion. If God doesn't help with our daily needs, we are really still on our own.

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