10. Holy

"Hallowed by thy name." Hallowed is an early English word that means sanctified. We prefer translating it "holy" as if there were some common understanding of that word's meaning. Just for fun, define holy. It may be easier to say what holy isn't than what holy is. How are you doing on it?

If we say this phrase in Jesus' prayer/creed, we are making both an abstract statement and a personal confession. We are not just throwing God a bone to placate him. He does not need to hear compliments or have adulation. God already knows who he is without our descriptions of his person. He doesn't need to have us fawn at his feet.

So our abstract statement that God is holy doesn't help him. It helps us focus our attention on the Father's nature. At the intellectual level, your definition declares him holy. Now what do you really think? Is he holy according to your feelings? Do you treat God as if he is holy? Do you speak about God as if he is an important part of life? Do you talk about him at all?

If, in your mind, God is the holy God of all things, and your heavenly Father, you will venerate him, worship him, and want to consider him in all your decisions. You will have a deep, heartfelt love for him. Do you, or is God just as abstract to you as is the word holy?

If you have never met God face-to-face, you can't revere him. How can you love and revere someone you have never met? How can you revere someone you are not sure exists? You can't. You really need to meet this Father but he must introduce himself to you. No one else can take his place doing that.

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