God And You
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The purpose of God 101 is to guide you into a personal meeting with God.  The course contents contain material to induce discussion about the nature of God.  However, those who mistake our goal of meeting God face-to-face, with simply discussing God, will miss the point of the course.

Hopefully, you will be able to set aside preconceived ideas or denominational bias during this study.  An open mind allows new investigation into the reality and presence of the living God.  This study should bring the inquirer to an infilling with God's (Holy) Spirit and his power.  When you have a personal experience of God's actual and daily presence in your life, you have an everlasting guarantee of his reality and eternal love.

Requirements from participants are minimal.  God will do most of the work for your success in this study.  This course may be read as slowly as you wish.  A New Testament translation of your choice may be helpful in improving your understanding of this material.  However, extra Bible reading is not the goal of this study.  The goal remains that of stimulating your thinking about the nature and presence of a personal living God.

God 101 is designed for self-study.  You are encouraged to take as much time as you wish.  There is no hurry for you to get to the end of this study.   If you need additional insight, inspiration, or understanding, please contact the course Counselor.